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In today's market, new customers are harder to come by. Telecommunication companies are more focused on retaining their existing customers and growing their existing bases by offering new services to minimize churn. In addition, telecommunications companies concentrate on creating brand loyalty, rather than the forced loyalty created by contracts, to increase household/family penetration rates and referrals.

In this highly competitive market, where subscriber growth is slowing and ARPU (average revenue per user) is declining, companies are fighting to provide the required customer experience necessary to grow and retain existing subscribers, but in a more cost effective manner. That is why telecom companies are turning to Teleperformance to manage their customer relationships - leveraging our vast global footprint and expertise in this industry.

Our goal at Teleperformance is to improve the overall customer experience and increase the lifetime value of our clients' subscribers. We provide extensive expertise, gathered throughout our 30 year history of working with leading telecommunications providers, and across all customer service channels, including voice, Web/chat, e-mail and IVR, providing a seamless customer experience that also improves operational efficiencies.

Teleperformance has the ability to leverage a large, geographically diverse labor pool with the knowledge base and systems to easily support marketing promotions and seasonal call fluctuations. We can create programs that meet the specific goals according to the values of different customer segments through the implementation of a right shore strategy. Integrated IVR/live-agent solutions use the optimal combination of IVR (i.e., either touchtone or speech recognition) and highly skilled live agents to provide services across the whole customer lifecycle, including acquisition, customer service, technical support at all levels, collections and loyalty and retention programs.