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Like many businesses in this economic climate, pharmaceutical companies face extraordinary challenges in today's competitive marketplace. Despite shrinking R&D budgets, marketplace demands 'raise the bar' for the continued development of innovative, life-saving products. Additionally, pricing pressures make staying competitive even more challenging, while companies must maintain stringent regulatory compliance. The bottom line: it's more important than ever to provide an excellent customer experience in order to maintain brand loyalty and improve market share.

For Teleperformance, the people, processes and technology are essential in making the most of every customer contact, and we can help your company to grow your brand and market share, while maintaining compliance in a demanding regulatory environment. Whether the communication is with a physician or a consumer regarding product benefits, dosage information, product recalls, safety, account management, or a variety of other topics, Teleperformance can optimize your customer experience.

Because our agents are an extension of your brand, we place special emphasis on strong recruiting, hiring and training. Our hiring and training tools support your products and services to improve product use, brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.

Teleperformance also has best-in-class security to ensure that your company is compliant based on industry regulations, as well as the ability to leverage a large, geographically-diverse labor pool with a comprehensive knowledge base and systems that easily support the dissemination of critical information such as product changes, regulatory changes and drug recalls.