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The Games industry continues to grow, shift, and morph; becoming more and more of an engaging service between companies and their customers, the players, than simply a product that has long been considered an idle activity. Indeed, player communities are growing exponentially, thereby creating interactive experiences for millions of people across the globe.  Hosted by the game or console manufacturers themselves, customers are required to provide their personal information for subscription and payment purposes. What with all the changes including security, big data, payment processing, user acquisition and the like, games truly could be reclassified as ‘games as a service’. 

With an ever-increasing number of customer data being exchanged through this new service, improved fraud prevention and processing services are vital. Teleperformance’s BPO Non-Interaction and anti-fraud services deliver steel vault-like security in managing back-office processes.

Teleperformance’s BPO Non-Interaction solution components include their best-in-class technology, continuously improved processes, people care training, platform integration and more, combining to deliver a customer care solution, optimizing your customers’ experience and confidence in your security system.

Teleperformance has a remarkable track record of growth and premium customer engagement management for some of the biggest names in games, providing multichannel customer care and technical support to both hardware and pure play companies across the globe.

Teleperformance’s expertise in multichannel engagement, extensive global reach, diverse labor pool, and vertical expertise lend the capabilities to create a tailored program to meet each of our clients’ specific demands and expectations, leading to stronger brand loyalty and an improved player experience.