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The market penetration for Internet/DSL use has grown significantly. As a result, there is fierce competition among providers to provide excellent customer service to retain existing customers. In an effort to provide consumers with all of their communication needs, many providers are offering triple and quadruple play offerings (wireline, wireless, cable and Internet).

This is making customer interactions more complex than ever before. The agents and systems required to support these interactions need to be highly integrated and flexible, which is not easy to do in legacy environments. Businesses need to standardize service across their organization but still provide 'local' flexibility. Therefore, leading Internet/DSL companies have turned to Teleperformance to provide the knowledge and expertise to pull all the pieces together necessary to deliver a superior customer experience.

Teleperformance has the proven capabilities that companies require to manage increasingly complex interactions with Internet/DSL customers. From upsell and cross sell to customer service and technical support, Teleperformance is a 'one stop shop' for all types of customer contacts required to maintain and grow your subscriber base.

Teleperformance advantages include the ability to provide technical support at all levels, guaranteeing first call resolution and improving your company's overall efficiency. In addition, the ability to leverage a large, geographically diverse labor pool with the knowledge base and systems to easily support the dissemination of local market data and our expertise across all customer service channels, including voice, Web/chat and IVR, provides a seamless customer experience while also improving operational efficiencies.